Our Policies as Merchant on platform

Committed to fairness and customer satisfaction, ShopTrend offers a comprehensive Buyer Protection Policy without compromise. Based on trust and shared values, we provide smart and safe online shopping experiences, backed up by persistent practice and collective expertise.


We assure of authentic products

ShopTrend sincerely guarantees that genuine products are sold through this company. We maintain direct links with manufacturers who reach the merchandise to the warehouse. There are no third party merchants or sellers involved.

Guarantees and warranties formulated by the manufacturer as applicable are honored to the detail.

We sell brand new products fresh from the manufacturer. Further, we conduct every online transaction and are solely responsible.

Some products may be refurbished or unboxed in rare circumstances, and it will be specified.


Safety of payment procedures

Every online payment is entirely secure, utilizing SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Since customers need to enter personal data during the order process, we keep the information confidential.


A simplified procedure for Returns, Replacements & Refunds

Shopping should be stress-free. If an error occurs on either side, we expect:

  • Return/Replacement requests to be submitted within ten days of the product delivery date.
  • When the product is received at our office, we commence the refund/replacement process.
  • Replacements will be facilitated according to the availability of the product.
  • If we receive a damaged product while in the customer’s possession, our policy does not allow a Refund or Replacement
  • If you receive a package that has something missing, damaged content, or is empty, it has to be returned within two days of the delivery date.

Replacements are justified under certain situations:

  • Products are damaged or defective, not covered by warranty
  • Products do not match with the description
  • You received the wrong size, color, style or quantity
  • Parts or accessories are found missing
  • Don’t forget to include the original Price tag and Packaging slip while returning
  • Certain products do not allow returns. Product pages would specify the conditions
  • Manufacturer’s warranty should be referred to the Brand Service Centre

Please refer to Return, Replacement & Refund policies for further clarification.


Shipping Policy

When you shop with us, be assured of 'Shipping without Stress!' Our Logistics Partners excels at Timely Delivery, Order Status Updates and Customer Support Services. Though punctual with deliveries, products should be available and the correct shipping address too. Processing orders usually takes place within 48 hours. Updates inform you of the stages like order placement, processing, shipping, and delivery. It feels nice to be in the know. Customer support always remains ready with answers to your queries.


Shipping Charges

Find the shipping costs where applicable on the product page. While placing the order online, you would be paying for the products and the courier charge together. There is no extra charge. Rarely, when some states / countries impose any charges than Import Duty / Tax and you had to pay such a cost, we need a scanned copy of the receipt to refund the amount.


Tracking Your Orders

After the order is placed, you are informed of the different stages like confirmation and processing, shipping and delivery. Delays may happen under exceptional circumstances. Email and SMS messages are convenient and quick. Check the order status and which stage it has reached through ------------ or from the following link: ---------- to receive immediate updates.


Delays in Delivery

When the status indicates OUT FOR DELIVERY, the product should reach you very soon. If you do not receive the delivery within 24 hours, please contact the courier or contact us at ------------ We will take up the matter with the delivery partner and ensure fast release.

Delays are rare and could happen due to specific reasons like an incorrect shipping address or distant merchant's location. The courier service may face problems, or bad weather could be the cause.

Use the tracking number provided and check with the courier's website. In case you cannot find any update, wait for 48 hours or contact our customer support service on the link --------------


Unable to track shipments?

After we hand over the product to the courier company, they update the tracking number on their website. The updating may sometimes be delayed up to 48 hours. The product is certainly on the way to the destination. Since you have received the shipment details, why not wait and try tracking again later on the courier's website? If the tracking number is still not updated, contact us at ---------------


Cancellation Policy

ShopTrend makes sustained efforts to reach deliveries to your doorstep as stipulated in the order process. We honor the clock and the calendar. Due to human error, wrong products may sometimes be ordered for or delivered. In such a situation, take a minute to cancel the order through your ShopTrend account.

In case the order is prepaid, the amount you already paid will be refunded according to the Refund Policy terms. Please note that cancellations will not be accepted after the order is dispatched from our office.


Steps you need to follow for cancellations:

1. Login to your ShopTrend Account
2. Go to My Orders > Cancel Order
3. Select your “Reason for Cancellation” and click on “Cancel Order.”

A reminder:

  • In the case of prepaid orders, the money paid will be refunded according to our Refund Policy
  • You cannot make a cancellation request after we dispatch the order

When does ShopTrend cancel orders? Situations sometimes arise when ShopTrend needs to cancel an order request. Such cancellations can be the result of:

  • Incomplete or wrong delivery address details
  • Courier partners being unable to service the buyer’s address
  • We are unable to supply the product requested, being out of stock
  • Restricted numbers of items that can be ordered, as per Terms and Conditions
  • Offer and Discount terms are not followed
  • Price or descriptions of the product being wrong
  • Suspicion of Payment Fraud cited by our concerned Department


If we cannot supply the order after payment is made, we refund the amount paid according to the Refund Policy.

If order cancellation occurs, whatever the reason, we will inform you at the registered email address. You can confirm the order status by logging into your ShopTrend account.