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The fashion industry has evolved in the past few years. Before, the designers and brands focused on designing dresses for men and women, but now the time has changed. We have seen tremendous growth in kid’s fashion



Gone are the days when kids vintage clothing used to wear anything and everything that their parents choose for them. But, now it’s not the same. As parents have become fashionable and stylish, they want their children also to look presentable and in style. It’s not only the parents but the children who also want to look appealing and follow the fashion trends. They want to be dressed in outfits of their own choice and have their own favorites. Kidswear has a lot of variety which includes kids' fashion clothing, kids' nightwear, kids' readymade garments, kids' rompers, kids' tops, kid's knitted wear, kid's winter clothing, kid's summer clothing, and eco friendly clothing.

Childhood is a learning and very important phase so, they should make good choices and select what they like. Today kids are very conscious about their dressing style and parents are also taking part and helping them to make good choices. There is a dress for every occasion and many parents try to be creative and make good picks. There are various factors that should be taken into consideration before selecting clothes for the occasion.

  • Comfort: It is very important that the clothes selected should be comfortable. Parents must help them to pick attires that are fashionable yet make them feel free and relaxed. It should be lightweight.

    • Ease of Dressing and Undressing: Tight dresses should be avoided; As kids cannot stay in one place so, it’s very important they are at ease. Children should be able to undress and dress themselves easily. 



    • Climate and fabric: The fabric should be selected according to the climate to make it more suitable for eg: during summer cotton clothes should be preferred as cotton absorbs perspiration easily. The fabric should be smooth and not irritate the skin.


    • Design and Colour: Clothes should express simplicity and at the same time be smart. It again depends on occasions and the upbeat style, eye-catching colors and splendid designs of their clothing define their style statement. Kids always like jazzy colors and cranky designs with multiple colors. No matter how strange you may think about their choices, it is always better for a kid to choose.



    Especially, In the case of girls. Girls are very particular about their dresses and always want to look stylish. As comfort level is very important, Miss Lavish London has an amazing collection of girl’s dresses as every girl should be spoiled with choices. 

    The simple yet elegant dresses will not only be comfortable but also be very alluring. There are a variety of girl’s frock dresses available in many prints and colors. 

    These frocks are for the age of girls who are between 3-12 years of age.

    A light summer frock is sure to make your daughter look relaxed and is the right choice for a beach outing and playing on the ground. 



    Kid's fashion has given them options and exposed them to changing trends; It has given them new confidence not only about good appearance and attractive persona but also helped them in inculcating a positive attitude. Latest trends, gorgeous, dazzling kiddies couture, and endless accessories

    Kids' fashion is a Fad and classic both - it's a long-lasting craze, as in modern-day kids like to fit in, they like to look like their friends and other kids of their own age and dream to become not only fashion followers but fashion leaders in their own way. and in the case of a daughter child if you looking for quality and comfortable attire as a parent you must check Miss Lavish London for their designer dresses for the girl child.

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