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How to Choose a Perfect Dress to Gift?

How to Choose a Perfect Dress  to Gift?

Md Muqeem |

We are just a few months away from this year coming to an and also, the festive season has started, so it’s a perfect time to gift some outfits and make the day special for your loved ones. Not only make their day special for festivals but be it their birthday, anniversary or any special day in their lives. 

Buying clothing is one of the most popular options. It can be tricky and difficult to choose the right option, but with few tricks and tips to use so that you can be sure that your purchase will be put to good use, and the recipient will wear it over and over again. 

Factors which are taken into consideration before choosing that gift which are as follows: 

Analyze the recipient's fashion style

It is very important to know what other’s fashion style before gifting them anything to wear. Make sure you take the time to suss out what your loved one already wears on a day-to-day basis. Chances are you might choose to gift them exactly the opposite of their style. If you learn it inside out, you are more likely to find a clothing gift that he or she will love.

Whether they like baggy clothes over the fitted one? or what shades they usually prefer, dark or light?

Think about colors, style and fabrics

Analyzing your loved one's fashion style goes hand-in-hand with working out what colors, prints and fabrics the person likes to wear. For instance, do you constantly see the individual in florals or does the person like plain-looking clothing? You should also consider what colors work with the individual's skin complexion and hair color.

Get the Correct Size

The final thing to do is to make sure you buy the clothing piece(s) in the correct size. This saves the person the hassle of having to return the gift, or exchange it for the true size. The easiest way to ensure that you buy the right size is to subtly ask the person in conversation, without making it obvious it's for a gift. 

Shop for the Recipient's Body Shape

Every body shape is different and it’s very important to gift the perfect size which fits right to their body shape. For instance, In case of any woman If she is a pear, hourglass or apple, then she is likely to be curvier, so make sure you buy clothes that deflect attention away from any unflattering areas, and instead define the waist. With straight body types, the trick is to add curves through exaggerated shirts and bottoms.

Well, now that we are talking about women, we shall discuss what can you gift your girl gang so that you can twin with them for any occasion. clothing which can be a perfect gift which are as follows: 


Rompers are very trendy and stylish dresses to gift. This can be styled in many ways and are perfect gift for your loved ones if they are planning a vacation to the beach or staycation. Rompers are comfortable and fashionable at the same time which will make you look beautiful and magnificent. 

Maxi Dresses 

One of the perfect dresses for all occasions and seasons. This dress can be styled in various ways and styles. I doubt you will ever get bored in styling this alluring dress. A maxi dress is a versatile option and is considered as a staple dress in women’s wardrobe. 

Kaftan’s for Women 

Kaftan’s are back in fashion and many are considering it as a perfect option to gift your loved one. Kaftan’s are an epitome of comfort. Suitable for any occasion. There are various colors, designs and lengths which are available. so, you can now consider this beautiful outfit as a perfect gift. 


It might seem overwhelming at first, but buying someone else's clothing as a gift is very straight-forward when you know how. It's a chance to have fun, be creative, and find a useful and meaningful gift. With the above options, it will be very convenient to what you can gift. 

If you are looking for that perfect gift, you can check Shoptrend for the amazing collection of their dresses.   

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