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Shop Trend is coming to India, Be ready to prepare your Wishlist

Shop Trend is coming to India, Be ready to prepare your Wishlist

Md Muqeem |

Shop Trend is Launching in India and We can’t be more excited to share this information with you all.



Shop Trend is a B2B marketplace where we assist and motivate manufacturers to come onboard to sell their products across the globe and reach their protentional customers. We support artisans and craftsmen by delivering their handmade products across the globe.



The Indian Handicraft Industry has been the backbone of the Indian Economy for decades and is one of the largest employment generators after the agriculture sector. India is home to more than 3,000 craft forms with artisans and craftsmen ,the Indian craft sector has the scope to become a billion-dollar marketplace with the right support and business environment.

As a platform Shop Trend will aid the Indian artisans to grow their business by encouraging them to sell their products and generate revenue. This will give a chance to our craftsmen to showcase their talent as well as keep the richness and legacy of the Indian handicrafts.


Now, after being successful globally in countries like the USA, Europe and many international regions ,it's time to make an entry in India and support our Indian manufacturers as well as artisans.

Shop Trend will not only support the handicraft sector but also encourage many small manufacturers to become a seller online and be a direct contact with the customers.

The purpose of Launching Shop Trend is to generate greater revenue for Indian manufacturers and to promote made in India products across North America, Europe, UK and South East Asia.



This move will benefit the Manufacturers as well. Promoting Indian Manufacturers and their businesses will provide them a que to expand their reach for potential clients and target audience.




There are benefits which are as follows:

  • A platform to showcase their products
  • Targeting audiences globally.
  • Lower cost and generating greater profits
  • No disruption of trust as the customer will directly contact the manufacturer if any problem occurs.



Shoptrend not only wants to encourage online selling of products such as home decor , fashion accessories and Indian garments. but, also empower Indian Handicrafts. We often forget our culture which has very unique and amazing things to offer. Now, is the chance.

With the Shoptrend launching in India, It will be an advantage over other businesses and encourage more and more artisans to sell their products online.

Providing a marketplace for the Indian artisans and encouraging them to sell their beautiful and authentic designed products is an initiative to promote and boom the Handicraft sector. Our Indian Economy is still on the stage of developing and contributing will be beneficial for us as well as our country.

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