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A Guide to Beautify your Bedroom 

A Guide to Beautify your Bedroom 

Md Muqeem |

Bedroom is the personal space of any individual in their home. Your bedroom needs to be your safe haven - and how can it be if it doesn’t put a smile on your face when you return after a long day?  Here are some tips you can use to amplify the look of your bedroom and add some handcrafted home decor items which beautify the whole aura of your bedroom. Elevate the feel and aesthetic of your bedroom with these tips which are as follows: 

Express with some Artworks and Picture Frames 

Your choice of artworks brings out your true personality. Whether it is painted by you or any other artist. These artworks can make a statement about how you are as a person. Whether it’s something you painted yourself or a lovely depiction of your favorite vacation spot. This also brings a calming aura in the room and your walls also do not look empty. 

Picture frames are proof  that you had some good times with your family and friends and you cherish them by remembering them by framing them in picture frames. The frames can be handcrafted or customized. Picture frames are a very important part of any home decor and can be hung on a wall or kept at the side table as an adjacent piece. Express the look of the room by putting some artwork and pictures. This not only will beautify your room, on the other hand will give a feeling of belongingness. 


    Organize your bedroom. This will ultimately bring some peace and calm to your mind. Decluttering is as essential for the aesthetics of your bedroom. Discard the unwanted things from your room which are no longer required. Bedroom is the last space you want to see disorganized after a long day at work. Use Handcrafted wooden  trays and Organizers to keep the things which are required. All you need now are a few strategically placed Trays which look beautiful and match with the aesthetics of your room to tidy up your space–and keep it that way!

    Vanity Trays for your Jewelry and Perfumes

      Your Bedroom wardrobe area is full of jewelry and perfumes and other makeup products which can be kept in order using these Vanity trays. These trays are a perfect choice if you are running out of space and need the vanity area to look more organized and clean. You can also put candles on these trays which will enhance the aura of your room. Once you light them after a hectic day at work and you need to relax your mind. Your expensive perfumes will be safe in these trays as these are durable and do not break easily. 

      Pen Holder to hold all your stationery items at one place 

        As many people are still working from home, and we all definitely need something to write. if your work desk is set in your bedroom, this definitely will help you. Keep all your pens and highlighters to mark and write important information at one place using this Pen Holder. Organize your pens and pencils in this penholder by Shoptrend which is handcrafted and choose which matches the aesthetic of your room. 

        Rug-it Up with some rugs for the floor 

          The feel of soft fibers under your feet when you get out of bed in the morning is quite unbeatable. Depending on the size of your room, you can either opt for a large rug that covers the space under your bed as well as around it. If your room has a lot of empty space, you can even play around with layering rugs of different sizes and patterns on top of each other. create a comfy corner in your bedroom for reading a book by the window or watching a movie. 


          Above are some tips to elevate and beautify the look of your bedroom. Add some exclusive home decor items from Shoptrend which are handcrafted. make a bold statement of your personality by setting them the way you want and change the whole look of your room with minimum efforts. 

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