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Your home is your canvas for your imagination and creativity to bring into reality if your space is looking for a change. Home is a dream which you saw has now turned into reality, From painting walls to adding decorative items. 

You want your house to look appealing and pleasant and want to feel the warmth whenever you enter after a hectic day at work. Decorating big houses and apartments is an easy task - there's so much space to fill. But, when you have a smaller space to work with, it can quickly become overcrowded and make you feel uncomfortable. Here are some valuable tips to follow when you are decorating your home either it is small or big

Use light colors 

We have often seen houses of celebrities which have subtle and calming colors for their rooms and walls. Light colors are soothing to eyes and sets a tone for your home. Darker shades tend to shut in areas and reduce available space. If your rooms are fascinating, such as those with exposed brick or hardwood, retain as much natural beauty as possible and use complementary colors to bring it all together. White is the color that reflects and gives a mirage of wider space. 

Get the feeling of home by adding some picture frames


Whether you are away from your loved ones or want to keep the memories fresh and keep reminiscing  the moments and old times, there is no perfect way by adding pictures with your family and friends in picture frames. You can choose frames which match with your aesthetics and aura of your space. These frames can be of different materials such as wooden, handcrafted or customized. get the feeling of belongingness in your home. 

Less is More

There is a saying in fashion, “more is less”, but in case of home decor, it is preferred, “less is more”. Filling the space with too many decor items can make your house small and congested leaving no way to add some new and interesting things which you are thinking to add. Get rid of items which are no longer required and have become outdated. It'll give you the impression that you've recently completed a remodeling project.

Bring a Vanity or Bathroom Trays Into the Bathroom

Add a tray which can be used to keep the bathing essentials next to the bathtub. Not only will the extra surface space help with organization, but it's also a great way to make the whole space feel more luxe.

Place some Decorative Boxes

Decorative boxes can be a game changer for the look of your home. Adding these boxes can overhaul the entire picture of your space. Store your accessories, your precious ornaments or keep it as a showcase in your living room. It's your choice. These boxes are multipurpose and act as a perfect home decor item as well. 


There are many ways to make a great interior when decorating a small home or a large home . You can play with these tips we provided you with and create magic in your way. The most important thing is to have fun while doing it and enjoy the result.

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All the products are handcrafted which are made by our Artisans and Craftsmen. You will fall in love with the detailing and the craftsmanship. 

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