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Our Crafts

We pride ourselves on decorating your home with our beautiful, unique, socially aware, bespoke products. Our materials are sourced with the local environment in mind; social consciousness is at the top of our company's priorities along with providing a product that our customers can be proud to display in their homes, on their desks and on their mantles.

Creating Trend

Home Decor with new seasonal trends that tempt us to update our homes, let’s celebrate this new beginning with these trendy gifts

We pride in creating the trends in Bone Inlay bespoke home decor and giftware and we strive to do it in meaningful ways where luxury decor is always available to everyone.


We focus on today’s fashion for versatile and comfortable clothing. Thanks to decades of experience in fashion industry. We make European High Street Fashion for any occasion from business meetings to dinner dates and parties, our collection of tailor made dresses bring together a mix of trendy and vintage clothing for your day, evening, day out and nightwear collection.

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