How to Master The Art of Maximalist Interiors for 2023 Décor

The cyclical nature of trends has flip-flopped once more. The clean, cold, and stark lines of minimal interiors prevalent in the early noughties and tens are being replaced by warm, inviting, cosy spaces in the interior design world. In 2023, we are set to see an increase in colors, textures, and accessories to adorn our rooms. Minimalism is out, and maximalism is in.

How to Master The Art of Maximalist Interiors for 2023 Décor

In reality, maximalism has had many moments of popularity in interior design history. It may look different from era to era, but the concept of displaying your favorite items is nothing new. It can look cluttered and haphazard, but with some style know-how, it can look curated and intentional. Keep reading for tips on achieving a maximalist interior that evokes delight and interest.

What is Maximalism?

Maximalism has become popular among people who want to fill their spaces with plants, prints, and paraphernalia. The Maximalist uses extensive materials and colors and celebrates interesting and complicated shapes. This style showcases collections, oddities, and treasured mementoes. Distancing itself from hoarder territory, maximalist style carefully curates’ items that bring joy.

How to use Maximalism in Your Interiors

One main characteristic of maximalism is playing with patterns and colors. Don’t be afraid of bold wallpapers and mixing contrasting hues. Textures can also enhance a maximalist interior. Combining fluffy rugs, metallic accessories, or lacquered furniture adds visual interest. Just ensure that you feel a connection to each piece that you pull into your space.

Forget Style “Rules”

Yes, maximalism is trendy again. But it is a trend that can cater to many individual styles. Matchy-matchy is not the aim of maximalism. Nor should your home look like everyone else’s that bought all their belongings from the nearest big box store. Decorating is a chance to show off your taste. Bring together everything you love. If you spot an item that ignites a response of pleasure, that is a sure sign that it encapsulates your true style. Collecting and displaying these items will result in an eclectic space that represents you.

Asymmetry and Layers in Maximalism

When styling, go for some asymmetry. Group items like candles, plants, or frames in groups of odd numbers. Use a variety of heights. When styling a shelf or a console table, balance each end with proportional but different items. For example, you can balance a plant on one side with a lamp of a similar size. Experiment with some more miniature knickknacks in between and layer some different textures. Add a tray to corral smaller items to complete the styling. This style-savvy move makes a space interesting to look at for you and your guests.

Maximalism: Knowing When to Stop

Knowing when to stop adding things to a maximalist space can be tricky. If hiring an interior designer to cast their expert eye over your rooms isn’t in the budget, try this tip: take a photo of your place on your phone. When you look at an area through the lens of a camera, it becomes easier to detect anything that doesn’t quite belong or looks cluttered. You can also see any empty spaces that could use an accessory or three.

The most important aspect of maximalism is that it is individual to you and your space. Only incorporate items you choose and love. So have some fun with designing your perfect maximalist space.


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