Gift Guide: What to Buy for the Person Who has Everything

Gift Guide: What to Buy for the Person Who has Everything

It’s one of life’s great puzzles - what to buy the person with everything? Every birthday or holiday that rolls around has you scratching your head for gift ideas. Nobody wants to offer an unwanted gift or duplicate something the gift receiver already has. We have rounded up some ideas for you to ensure that your next offering is something your loved one will cherish.

Forever Photos

Your recipient likely has a phone full of photos that deserve to be more than just digital. Printing out and displaying our snaps is often forgotten about, thanks to endless cloud storage. But there is something special about showcasing a picture of a loved one or a special memory.

Most online photo printing services offer gift cards. Pairing this with a beautiful frame will deliver smiles all around. Encourage a bit of sentimentality by making it easy for your gift recipient to print and treasure their photos.

Chic Sipping

Accumulating too many water bottles is a challenge. Often left behind, lost, or pinched by a family member (you know who you are), there is always a need for a backup or two. Everybody drinks water; everybody needs water bottles. It’s a guaranteed gift slam-dunk. Gifting those on your list a functional but beautiful bottle is bound to help hydration. We love the chic copper bottles from OBOY, which look stunning, are long-lasting and contain no plastic nasties.

Upgrade the Mundane

The person who has everything likely doesn’t have the best of everything. Often, we furnish ourselves with the necessities and not the nice-to-haves. So, think about daily use items that could use a little upgrade. Add luxury to the everyday. Some of our favorite options are:

A decorative Jewellery Box. Elevate any dresser or closet with a beautiful box to house your treasures.

Try a fancy pen or pencil holder. Even writing a shopping list will feel regal when your stationery is housed in such splendor.

Know someone who shaves? I bet they don’t have a shaving bowl as beautiful as this. A shaving bowl is designed to work up a rich, creamy lather. Each morning will be a ritual to relish with accessories that enrich the experience.


Subscriptions have exploded in popularity since the pandemic, and plenty of options exist. Coffee lovers, film buffs, cheese connoisseurs, everyone is catered for. So, what are your recipient’s passions or hobbies? Music? Sports? A quick search will provide you with loads of gift-giving options. If you’re in a position where you don’t know the gift receiver well, a fresh flower subscription is a safe bet.

Gift-giving can be a bit of a minefield, especially if the person you are buying for already seems to have everything. We hope that you now have some ideas in your back pocket for that person who is hard to buy for. Happy gifting.

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