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Handmade in South Asia, our leading home décor brand Handicrafts Home allows us to provide you with a truly beautiful and unique range of homewares. With a rich history, Handicrafts Home uses traditional methods of craftsmanship to create its stunning collections.

Handicrafts are something they work by hands with hand tools on manual techniques. The finished products are various home décor, table décor, kitchen ware, costume jewelry and bathroom vanity accessories etc. Handicrafts Home uses purified and processed buffalo bone, horn and wood to make all versatile decorative gift products and the work on this is a complete ancient traditional method.


At Miss Lavish London, we focus on today’s fashion for versatile and comfortable clothing. Thanks to decades of experience in fashion industry. We make dresses for any occasion from business meetings to dinner dates and parties, our collection of tailor made dresses bring together a mix of trendy and vintage clothing for your day, evening, day out and nightwear collection.